Author: Ryan Keen | April 11, 2017

Boat building giant Maritimo shows off its new and improved Maritimo Race Centre, displaying its offshore powerboats plus more than 90 of its several hundred trophies from more than three decades racing. Picture Glenn Hampson

Gold Coast luxury boat builder Maritimo unveils spruced up Race Centre and how it’s like an F1 team.

OFFSHORE powerboat advances have always informed the design of pleasure boats by Gold Coast firm Maritimo — and now they are making a splash about it.

The Coomera-based luxury vessel manufacturer has spruced up the operation’s adjacent race boat testing HQ to make it a showpiece for customers touring the manufacturing facility.

The company has two of its powerboats — including one capable of 300km-per-hour — on display and has installed a floor-to-ceiling trophy cabinet showcasing three decades worth of race gongs.

The Maritimo Race Centre has also invested $250,000 in a new dyno machine which tests and tunes boat engines.

Boat building giant Maritimo’s service and warranty manager Ross Willaton, race driver and designer Tom Barry-Cotter and Maritimo Race Centre manager Kurt Davies show off the company’s two offshore powerboats. Picture: Glenn Hampson

Maritimo veteran powerboat racer and company warranty and service boss Rosco Willaton said he believed it was the only boat builder in Australia — and possibly the southern hemisphere — which uses research and development from its powerboat testing to improve performance and components in its general production pleasure boats.

Centre manager Kurt Davies, an engine builder by trade, said it was similar to how Formula 1 racing teams developed technology adopted by car manufacturers.

Maritimo Race Centre manager Kurt Davies says the centre technology developments dovetail into the manufacturing of luxury boats, similar to how Formula 1 race team advances inform car manufacturing. Picture: Glenn Hampson

Maritimo powerboat racer and designer Tom Barry-Cotter said his father and the firm’s founder Bill Barry-Cotter was the driving force behind race technology installed in its luxury vessels.

Barry-Cotter Junior said pursuit of perfection in powerboat development help develop hull strength, weight, fuel efficiency and wave performance of leisure craft.

“It’s a company culture stemming from Dad’s attitude towards the racing side that you are chasing the last half second on a course,” he said.

“He’s always chasing every last bit of performance, getting every last bit of weight out, every last bit of cost out.”

Barry-Cotter Senior was heavily involved in offshore racing for more than 15 years prior to starting Maritimo in the early 2000s.

Maritimo Racing is targeting the Offshore Powerboat World Championship in the US later this year.

Maritimo racing top gongs

2012: Superboat World Championship, winner

2009: European Championship class 1, third

1994: Indy boat race, winner

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