Salmon Fishing In Canada : Maritimo 52

salmon_010A Maritmo is not just for cruising. Chris Meekley, his son Joey and friends took their new Maritimo 52 out to do a little fishing. What they came back with was one heck of a fishing tale and quite a few salmon too.

The group left Vancouver August 11th on a journey to Bamfield, BC on the west coast of Van Island in Barkley Sound. They reached their destination in 7 hours cruising at 26 knots.

The stretch of water from Victoria BC to Balmfield can get very rough. This stretch is often called the graveyard of the Pacific But as you can see from the photos, they had nothing but calm seas.

The group caught approximately 24 large Chinook salmon and lots of Coho and halibut. The group was also lucky to see many gray whales during their trip.

If you are planning a trip through this area, the best time to visit is late July through August.

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